Required Documents

Required documents

Required documents for foreign Students

  • Application form;
  • High school diploma;
  • Transcript of the diploma with the marks for all the years of education;
  • A document issued by the graduated high school, that allows the student to continue in higher education in his/hers country and abroad;
  • Proof of English proficiency through (1) TOEFL or other test, or (2) prime language of high school education in English, or (3) other;
  • Medical record, issued no longer than one month ago;
  • Passport copy/ ID card copy;
  • Four photos 3x4cm;
  • Application fee bank receipt.

Please note that your documents must be originals or notarized copies and must be officially legalized in the country, where the education has been obtained, then translated into Bulgarian language and legalized.

In the countries that have signed the Hague Convention for legalization, the legalization could be done by APOSTILLE instead of the BG Embassy.

Transferring students

If you are making transfer from another University you need to present your Academic transcript including:

  • Name of courses you have studied;
  • Hours and ECTS credits of study of each course;
  • Marks;
  • Contents of the courses you have studied.

The transcript must have the original stamp of the University you аre coming from and it should be translated into Bulgarian.


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