International Activity


           - BENECON:

  • Second Universlty of Naples;
  • University of Naples Federico ll;
  • University of SaLerno;
  • University of Sannio;
  • Pegaso University.       



The European Polytechnical University is a member of:

  • Balkan Universities Association



The primary aim of the Balkan Universities Association (BUA) is to determine a future vision for the future, the libraries, the research centers in the Balkan region on the basis of the common global values by considering the necessities of the time. Besides, forming up a scientific network in the areas of the language, the culture, the art, the history, the economy, the education and caring out collaborative scientific works in these areas are aims of BUA.

  • International Federation of Public Administration and Management (IFPAM)
  • CUAM - Consortium of African and Mediterranean Universities
  • Member of the Society of Academic Institutions accredited by the German accreditation agency ACQUIN

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