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Thankfulness Letter from graduated Master student  Stavrula Pournara from Greece (2021)

Thankfulness letter from graduated Master student Stavrula Pournara from Greece

As per tradition, the plenary session of the seventh international scientific conference "Education, Science, Innovation" ESI'17, which took place on June 9, ended with two memorable ceremonies:

Dr. Robert Eadie presented the annual award for the Best and Successful student in Civil Engineering established in the name of his deceased wife, Tsvetanka Lilova, to Apostolos Kourduglou. The award-winning fourth-year student gave an emotional speech, expressing gratitude for the recognition and care to the professors as specialists.

„My name is Apostolos Kourdoglou, from Greece…and I would like to say thanks for the wonderful education and for the opportunity to have great memories and allowing me to meet people that I call friends.“

Then, the President of EPU - Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Saccone, presented diplomas graduates of the Bachelor’s program in "Civil Engineering".

Eng. Omer Ayazoglu, expressed his gratitude to the University and the academic staff for their assistance in acquisition solid theoretical knowledge and practical skills with which he and his colleagues have already started working in practice.

Hello everyone! Welcome to EPU’s birthday and to our diploma ceremony! I am honored to be here today and to share my experience with you!
I want to say thanks to my family and to my friends for all the time in which they supported me.
I woul like to express my gratitude towards my teachers and the university staff to have shown us always the right  way.
Thanks For your attention!

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