ESI 2018

On June 8th  and 9th, 2018 at the European Polytechnical University was held the eighth international scientific conference "Education, Science, Innovation" ESI'18.

The goal of the conference was to bring together professors, students, specialists, and researchers to share experiences and discuss current topics on innovation in science and education.

The conference was opened by Prof. Marin Marinov, Rector of EPU. Congratulation to the participants was expressed by the Deputy Minister of Education Prof. Ivan Dimov.

The plenary session was chaired by Prof. Vladimir Lazarov, Vice-Rector on Science and International Relations of EPU. The plenary reports were presented by:

- Dr. Robert Eadie - Ulster University (Northern Ireland);

- Prof. Angel Smrikarov - University “Angel Kanchev”, Rousse and Chairperson of the Academic Community of Computer Systems and Information Technologies – Project of  National Program for the Digitization of Education;

- Prof. Sasho Draganov – Technical University, Sofia – Engineering design – artistic, engineering and economic aspects.

Following the plenary session, at an official ceremony, Dr. Robert Eadie was awarded the honorary title "Doctor Honoris Causa" of the EPU, for his special merits and contribution to the University development

In the afternoon Prof. Sasho Draganov presented team projects for specific design profiles prepared by his students and shared his experience of his work with giants in the field of automotive industry.

The conference sessions continued and on the next day with a presentation of the scientific reports within five sessions:

- Achievements and Innovations in Civil Engineering;

- Innovation in Education;

- Achievements and Innovations in Computer Science;

- Green Energy and Sustainable Development;

- Robotics.

The main reports topics were related to Sustainable Economic and Social Development: sustainable construction, energy efficiency, seismic vulnerability of buildings and renovation of buildings, project management in construction, potential for wastewater use, ICT use in medicine , Air quality, robotics and artificial intelligence, robots for help of adults and people with disabilities, aging population, work environment quality and stress, current issues of innovation activity in Education and control of school education.

All approved reports of the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

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