Master's Program in Engineering Design

Master’s Program in Engineering Design

The Master's Program in Engineering Design aims to build upon the foundation laid out in the bachelor's degree curriculum, providing interdisciplinary training and expanded opportunities for professionals to excel in modern engineering design. Graduates will possess the necessary knowledge and skills for implementing innovative solutions in the evolving market landscape.

The program focuses on developing expertise in scientific and pioneering research in industrial design, combining engineering practice with artistic and creative approaches. Students will acquire new competencies, unlocking their individual artistic potential and mastering the formalization of design objects.

The master's program spans two semesters, with lecture courses and seminars. The culmination of the program involves the development and defense of a thesis. Students have the flexibility to specialize in various areas of engineering design, gaining competence in modern practices.

Graduates of the Master's Program in Engineering Design will be equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge and techniques to foster innovation in their field of study. Common Engineering knowledge is an essential component, including integrated design and manufacturing systems, boutique design, living environment design, copyright and design labor negotiation, design expertise, and decorative and exhibition coatings in design.

The program is conducted in both English and Bulgarian, catering to a diverse group of students.

Career Opportunities:

Master's graduates in Engineering Design will have diverse skills, such as design consulting, expert opinions on ergonomic and design problems, as well as marketing and advertising. Additionally, they may pursue teaching positions in specialized secondary technical schools or related fields in fine arts, provided they acquire additional teaching qualifications.

Graduates with a Master's degree in engineering design will have the expertise to pursue various career paths, including but not limited to:

  • Industrial Design

  • Design of Household Products

  • 3D Modeling

  • Applied Graphics and Typography

  • Packaging Design

  • Font and Calligraphy

  • Design of Spatial Environment and Furniture

  • Equipment Design

  • Design of Clothing and Accessories

  • Web Design and Design of Virtual Products and Systems

  • Design of Means of Transport

  • Design of Three-Dimensional Environments

  • Ergonomic and Design Project Tasks, Documentation, and Evaluation

  • Development of Marketing and Advertising Strategies for Products and Services

The university campus is located in the picturesque town of Pernik, where students can choose between full-time and part-time study options.

For further information or inquiries about the program, please contact:

Monika Badeva

Phone: +359 (0) 889 73 9612


Program Coordinator:

Prof. Dis. Sasho Draganov


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