Hydrogen Technologies



The speciality Hydrogen technologies is in the professional direction 5.4. Energetics.

The speciality objective is the creation of well-educated engineers with opportunities for professional realization in the dynamic and fast-developing area of enetgetics and in particular of the contemporary energy techniques, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency.

The graduates will be able to work as constructors, designers, consultants, experts, enterreneurs, scholars, lecturers, representatives of state and municipal administrations and non-governmental organizations. They will thus meet the challenge of a constantly changing nature and economic situation and set themselves the ambitious task to make the energy cheap, safety and ecological and at the same time the energetics-effective and sustainable.

The Master programme Hydrogen technologies is applied discipline for the students of speciality Green energetics. The objects of the course are: basic speciality of hydrogen connected with its using as fuel. The intention is concentrated on the hydrogen cycle included transformation of solar energy in electricity- photolyse of water in hydrogen and oxygen-storage of hydrogen for using. Objects are basic parameters of hydrogen cells and different models  of fuel cells. Other objects are and different modifications of fuel cells. The students will receive information for technologic, technical, ecologic and economic aspects of hydrogen  energetics as well as the legislation and standarts connected with the hydrogen technologies.


  1. Basic knowledge in the machine-building area, in the technologies.
  2. Profound knowledge about the energy conversion and its application in

the implantation of Renewable Energy Sources considering the basic nature

and technical aspects.

  1. A very good engineering ability to plan and exploit Hydrogen as fuel.
  2. A solid scientific background.


  1. The modern thechnologies of the production and using the hydrogen fues.
  2. The specific character of hydrogen management.
  3. The European politics and standards.
  4. The methods of definition and realization of strategies, energetics

business plans, programs and projects.


  1. To apply engineering solutions of problematic aspects in the area of

the hydrogen technologies; to use the appropriate methods of modelling, simulation and optimization by different applications.

  1. To analyze and evaluate from the point of view of energy, economy and

construction the projects of renewable and conventional energy sources

systems and exploitation, to plan and make research in the  area of hydrogen technologies.

  1. To work in teams solving problems of interdisciplinary and

international character within the framework of particular political and

economical conditions.

  1. To apply the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in

solving practical problems.

  1. To form goals and strategies, to work out plans, programs and projects.
  2. To take part in elaboration of company, regional and national energy


  1. To realize useful contacts with their partners in Bulgaria and abroad.
  2. To plan and organize effectively their own career.
  3. To use independently varied scientific and practical information sources.


The graduates from the master degree Hydrogen technologies are needed

experts in a very well-paid branch. They can realize themselves as

professionals in various fields of energetics

(and in particular in the sphere of the Renewable Energy Sources and the

Energy Efficiency) as:

  1. Designers and constructors of hydrogen energy systems.
  2. Energy efficiency advisers and experts in adviser companies.
  3. Scientists and lecturers.
  4. Representatives at state and municipal administrations and at

non-governmental organizations.

  1. Private entrepreneurs.


A special accent in the course of studies is the orientation towards

project development and realization. The project content is to be worked

out with the participation of leading representatives of the economy, industry,

crafts, administration and government. Thus, the students will have the

opportunity to gain practical experience and skills in the mentioned

areas starting from the initial years of their studies.

Special attention is paid to activities directed to encouraging the

students to participate in international student exchange programs which

give them research or lecturing opportunities. The European Polytechnical

University is working hard on maintaining effective partnerships with other

Universities in Europe and in the US.



Head of the Program Green Energetics:

 Prof. Ivan Petkov, DSci





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