Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management

A key objective of this master IT management program is to provide graduates with the skills necessary for professional practice in the field of IT industry.

This program addresses the education of students for a professional master‘s degree in IT management. It is intended for those who is primarily interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry. Dedicated for students are already professional software architects, system integrators, team leaders employed by industry or government and who lack a formal graduate education in IT management or fresh graduates with a bachelor‘s degree with little or no experience

The IT management program gives comprehensive, specialised, factual and theoretical knowledge for IT industry leadership and governance and an contemporary condition of that knowledge, expertise in a comprehensive range of cognitive and practical skills in developing creative solutions to management and supervision in contexts with unpredictable changes, reviewing and developing performance of business.

The programm provides factual and theoretical knowledge and practical skills in generating solutions to specific problems in a field of corporate IT management. Graduates achieve mastery of IT management knowledge and skills and of the professional standards necessary to begin practice in the field of IT industry corporate problems identification, analysis and solving.

After graduation participants should be able to participate in business developing proceses as planing, managemnt, marketi assessment, IT projects management, negotiation, effective supervising, leadership, and good communication with stakeholders in a typical IT corporate business ecosystem environment.

The program of study includes at least one major activity that involves producing a research and development project for a client. MSc Program incorporates invited lecturers from real IT industry.

The program includes next IT industry areas

  1. Foundations of IT management
  2. Business processes and technology
  3. Ownership of Enterprise and Governance
  4. Strategy and organisation
  5. Change Management and HR
  6. IT projects risk and finance
  7. Production, Logistics and SCM
  8. Marketing, Law and Business Ethics

* Place of training - Pernik - EPU and Sofia - ATM center, "Tsarigradsko Shose" Blvd., 7 km.
* Language of training: English or Bulgarian
* Type of training: full-time or part-time
* Enrollment address:

          Pernik - "Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodiy" 23 str. - EPU
          Contact person: Monika Badeva, tel.  0889739612


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