Personal Data Security

Personal data security

A key objective of this master Personal data security management program is to provide graduates with the abilities to plan and manage personal data, the data lifecycle, personal data administration proceses in large IT industry projects or work as personal data protection officers.

The program addresses the education of students for a professional master‘s degree in personal data security management for those who is primarily interested in a career in the different sectors of economy and business. It gives students professional knowledge for international legislation, corporate processes data flow, cybersecurity and data protection and the confidentiality. This MSc program is Dedicated to industry or government employs who lack a formal graduate education in personal data protection and the confidentiality or graduates with a bachelor’s degree with little or no experience.

The personal data protection management program gives comprehensive, specialized, factual and theoretical knowledge about regulation frameworks for personal data protection, special categories personal data, sensitive personal data in the terms of EU reglaments and directives like GDPR, Police Directive and others.

Students receive expertise and practical skills about data auditing, data systematization, minimization, tagging, anonimisation and a comprehensive range of crypto techniques for protection of structured and unstructured data. In the area of law regulation the students obtain abilities for demonstrating GDPR compliance, planning change management according personal data protection requirements and data breach governance. They should be able to plan regular corporate trainings and gather new regulation and technical solutions about personal data protection.

Graduates achieve mastery of personal data protection management knowledge and skills compliant with professional standards necessary to begin practice in the field of personal data protection management as DPO, or personal data administration.

The program of study includes at least one major activity that involves producing a research and development project for a client. MSc Program incorporates invited lecturers practicing as lawyers, cybersecurity experts and personal data administrators.

* Place of training - Pernik - EPU and Sofia - ATM center, "Tsarigradsko Shose" Blvd., 7 km.
* Language of training: English or Bulgarian
* Type of training: full-time or part-time
* Enrollment address:

          Pernik - "Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodiy" 23 str. - EPU
          Contact person: Monika Badeva, tel. 0889739612


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