January enrollment for the summer semester of 2023

Dear prospective students,

 The European Polytechnic University invites you to become part of the family of a prosperous private university.

In 2022-2023 academic year the University provides a second enrollment opportunity, starting from January 2023.

The deadline for submitting documents is February 15, 2023 (for EU candidates) and January 15, 2023 (for non-EU candidates), and you can do this both online https://epubg.eu/bulgaria/application/apply-online and on-site at the EPU Student Department.

The University offers regular training in Bulgarian and in English in the accredited bachelor's programs: Civil Engineering, Applied Computer Science and Green Energy, as well as in the master's programs: Seismic Engineering, Renovation of buildings, facilities and cultural monuments, Biofuels, Hydrogen Technologies, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Personal data security management, IT management.

 The semestrial fee for a Bachelor's degree for European citizens is € 500, for citizens of countries outside the European Union - € 750, and for a Master's degree is € 750 respectively for European citizens and € 1,000 for citizens of third countries.

Preferential conditions are reserved for students from the district with the administrative centre of Pernik.

 Information on the documents required for the application can be found here: https://epubg.eu/bulgaria/application/required-documents

 The European Polytechnic University, as part of the network of Universities "Multiversity" and as their regional manager, provides the possibility of distance learning in other universities in the group and in particular in the distance learning university "Pegaso" (Italy), "Universitas Mercatororum" (Italy) and Pegaso International (Malta), where prospective students have a wide choice of modern humanities courses taught in 9 languages.

 Welcome to a University with a European spirit and mission!

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